Texas native. 29 and holding. God-fearing. Liberally liberal. An elementary music teacher. A new wife. A mom struggling with and seeking treatment for secondary infertility.

I have a penchant for writing, strong coffee (no cream or sugar, please) and good¬†live¬†music. I live in the greater Houston area with my beautifully blended and interracial family: my sweet hubby who saves the world when he’s not being my knight in shining armor; our 8-year-old who continues to amaze us every day and our rescue pets, Brigitte Endive Bardot aka “Beebe” (a 3 year old lab/hound/husky mix) and Harvey Alex (a 2 year old cat who enjoys milkshakes).

I was diagnosed with endometriosis after 16 long years of painful misdiagnosis and had my first laparoscopy in Dec. 2016. My goal is to educate those who don’t have first hand experience with endo; journal my own experiences and thoughts as I navigate my health journey; and connect with those who suffer from this silent condition. There are 176 million women worldwide with endometriosis and so many more who are not currently diagnosed…we do NOT have to suffer in silence or feel alone.

I welcome you to email me with your experiences, ideas for improving the site and suggestions for post topics. Let’s get a dialogue going. You can reach me here: hotendomomwrites@gmail.com

Take care of yourself & others,